As of 31st March 2020, all Australians are eligible for telephone/video bulk billed consults with their GP or Specialist.  New patients will require a referral from their GP to see a Specialist.  Depending on the patient’s individual circumstance their GP may offer a Specialist referral though Telehealth.    

While Healthcare services are working hard to minimize unnecessary travel and promote social distancing, we do not want people leaving problems unaddressed due to coronavirus fears.  As clinicians we want to make sure people are keeping on top of their health issues, because the reality is that, impacts from COVID-19 will affect us all for many months to come. It is important to address medical concerns early to avoid a worsening situation down the track.  

If you have a Gynaecological concern and unsure whether it needs urgent attention – let your clinician help you make that decision via a Telehealth consult.  However, not all cases can be dealt with remotely – your clinician will advise if they need to review you in person at the Clinic. We can also decide whether it is best to postpone treatment or not.  

Although we are ceasing non urgent surgery to help conserve medical resources,  patients with urgent concerns like  acute pelvic pain secondary to ovarian torsion, ruptured ectopic pregnancy , heavy menstrual bleeding leading to low blood count  and other critical conditions  that may require surgery will still be able to access these services. In an emergency please present to your nearest A & E department or call for ambulance if needed.